Empaths & Sensitives – How to Stay Balanced As Earth’s Energies Intensify


Yes, this is a message for all empaths and sensitive souls around the world! First of all, you need to know that being an empath is more valuable than anything you could possibly hope to achieve. Yes, and if you are experiencing trouble adjusting to society, you shouldn’t be worried. You just need to learn to ground yourself and become more aware of your ability. Unfortunately, there’s all sorts of craziness and shifting all around the world – and many empaths feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath them.

The number of illnesses and deaths are increasing and large number of people are not making it through this change period at all. Youngsters are dying suddenly, there are sudden onset illnesses, relationship ending and…. wow, no wonder we’re feeling like this. But, ladies and gentlemen, for those of you that are having it easy during this period… just go sit quietly in your corner until we call you okay.

We all know that empaths absorb negative energy from those around them, processing it through their bodies and transmuting it into clean energy, well what’s happening now is the empath role on a global scale. There are those of us empaths who are connected directly to hives of people that we shift for…. you’ll recognize yourself if you do endless shifting but never seem to make inroads. Well, this means that every time you shift an energy, it gets filled again by the energies that can’t be processed in the group of people you’re energetically connected to. That’s why it seems like you never make progress.

Effectively all the energies of the people leaving are being pumped into us for scrubbing and cleaning. Those left behind and mourning (often also lower vibration), are unable to fully process the shift, so we’re carrying a huge part of their load as well – including the additional grief that they’ve been feeling. So that’s why have we been crying and emotional and overwhelmed… we’re effectively grieving for all the lost souls and lost relationships and carrying the energies people can’t carry themselves.

The Full Moon:

  • you may feel overwhelmed, weak and insecure, so stay positive
  • you may be quick to anger over the next period
  • don’t get obsessed over details and over analyze

So, this means that you should stay positive and focused the next while. But, to be honest with your, I really think that the worst thing about being an empath is that when people are feeling stuff, you are too. The thing about us though is that we are stronger than most – and we stay determined to be good positive people. Yes we’re taking strain right now, but others are feeling it worse than we are because they have zero coping skills at all. Helping is not about the fact that you are strong, it’s about the fact that we are stronger and better off than most – even if it does feel like we are in personal hell. We know we’ll make it… most of the others we’re shifting for don’t know that. They don’t even know where to begin looking for relief. We all know that it feels like it’s all you can do to stay upright at moments right now, but remember – you’re stronger than most. So, you should reach out and help somebody today. The moment you help someone one-on-one, the empath load on you will decrease. You will feel better for doing it – so just reach.