Zodiac LOVE: These Zodiac Signs Are Truly Meant To Be Together


Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all agree on this – finding true love and compatibility is not easy! Yes, it’s very difficult! But, I really think that you have greater chances of finding it if you look in the right place. Don’t get us wrong – there is no such thing as a perfect recipe for happiness and all zodiac signs can go well with one another in appropriate circumstances. But, you should know that each zodiac sign has their favorites to find themselves in a romantic relationship with. You’ll also notice that signs of the same element communicate with ease and love each other as a given, as well as signs of Air with Fire and Water with Earth. Combinations of opposing signs are obviously the most intense, as they speak of people brought together by destiny, and we will focus on them in this post. And, one more thing – if you recognize your partner and yourself in one of them, maybe you are truly meant to be together.


Aries and Libra – these 2 signs are truly meant to be together. Well yes, and when Aries and Libra meet for the first time, they will feel a strong connection and chemistry. The buzzing energy and sexuality of Aries and the subtle charm and sophistication of Libra will create intense attraction. Their relationship is a major challenge to both zodiac signs, and they find it hard to resist. Aries has strong character and lots of passion, and it’s always focused on themselves. But, Libra doesn’t feel secure about their choices and can drive their Aries partner crazy with indecisive, too-calm-to-be-normal behavior. Aries can seem like a brute in the eyes of a Libra, chasing their goals as if they had no idea how to make a plan or succeed at anything except through force. These signs exalt and bring to fall the Sun and Saturn, binding them through an archetypal battle of the father and the son, of experience and strength, of passionate, creative living, and living life by the rules. In order for their relationship to succeed, they need to merge their confronting natures in joint activities for a shared cause.


As two sensual signs that lie on an axis of Moon’s and Uranus’ fall and exaltation, we can see that a Taurus and a Scorpio come together to be in an intensely physically-emotional relationship. These two were meant to deal with matters of life and death and their union speaks of a need to find balance between the light and the darkness, freedom and obsessive restraint, sexuality and love. When a gentle Taurus opens up emotionally to Scorpio, and Scorpio realizes their own sensitive side, a great sexual desire will rise between them and they won’t be able to get enough of each other. However, conflicts are often inevitable for they don’t move in the same pace or share the same priorities. One of them wants to enjoy life through practical, daily activities, while the other wants change, excitement and freedom. Scorpio can become bothered by the passivity and inertia Taurus easily gives in to, while Taurus doesn’t want to force life and needs to move only in sync with emotion. If they manage to direct their passion from the bedroom to socializing with friends, things will improve.


First of all, ladies and gentlemen, you should know that the attraction between these two zodiac signs is not only physical, but also reflected on a mental level. Curious Gemini and philosophical Sagittarius are both in love with change, movement, and adore mutual discussions and time spent in intellectual activities. They will give each other’s life a childish glow and they will both feel like they have finally found someone to share a pace with. However, at some point Gemini can get annoyed by the know-it-all attitude of Sagittarius. In return, Sagittarius will get irritated by Gemini’s occasional nonchalance, superficial views and their tendency to gossip. The solution to any issue that might arise between them lies in a joint trip, satisfying their shared need for movement, and in ways they will find to learn things together.


Cancer’s sensitivity and Capricorn’s strength combine well and make a good match. As signs that represent the axis of Mars’ exaltation and fall, they have a task to overcome sexual barriers and control their passion, anger and fears. Their relationship can be too rough on Cancer and hurt their feelings with ease, especially if they start feeling ignored by their practical Capricorn partner. On the other hand, needy moments and dependence Cancer is prone to, can seem very unattractive to a Capricorn and push them even further away. With resistance Cancer can feel toward sexual interaction and Capricorn’s potential coldness and distance, these partners need to constantly remind each other that they are not only partners and friends, but also lovers.


Leo cannot resist the attraction of free-spirited, never contained Aquarius, which recognizes no authority. The rebellious spirit of the sign of Aquarius inspires Leo, while Aquarius is attracted by Leo’s charisma. Leo’s excessive need to be the center of attention while well incorporated in social requirements, combined with Aquarius’ opposition to social conventions can lead to problems in their relationship. They should look for solutions to their problems in large groups of people, where both of their needs can be met. This is a couple that has to share moral values and understand each other in each humane, interpersonal issue. When this is found as deeper understanding, differences in their natures will only serve as a fuel to their passion and spark their sex life.


Virgo and Pisces are meant to be together – forever. Virgo is a sign in which Venus falls and these individuals like order and everything in their life brought to perfection. Pisces on the other hand dislike routine and enjoy their creative mess. When you look at them you’ll instantly see that they are actual proof that opposites attract. Virgo sees this relationship as an opportunity to teach Pisces how to organize and work, while Pisces see it as a chance to show Virgo how to relax and have fun. Virgo can get annoyed by the unreliable nature of Pisces, and all that control can scare Pisces away and hurt their idealistic, emotional nature. Their relationship can be brought to perfection if they are both willing to dedicate time to activities their partner needs, and allow each other to share ideals on love with one another.

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