Which One Of Your Chakras Is Most Dominant? (QUIZ)


Ladies and gentlemen, you probably already know that we all have 7 energy channels in our body that work together to channel our spiritual life force. But, did you know that each have one that is more forceful than the others, and influences our daily life in more impactful ways? 

There are 7 main chakras which are present throughout our bodies. Each one is an energy center that acts as a pump or valve by regulating and controlling the flow of energy through our energy systems. According to the experts, chakras are commonly viewed and imagined as whirlpools of flowing energy. Each chakra is located in a specific area of the body and is associated with different meanings, traits, feelings, colors, gem stones, abilities, and more.

As we said, each one of us has a chakra that is stronger and more influential on our lives and behaviors than the others. Based on the choices you make, what appeals most to you, and how you view situations, you can figure out which one you’re most connected to at this moment in your life. Over time, the chakra you mainly operate from may change as you grow and become more aware or affected by different things on your life’s path.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; this means one thing – you should definitely take the quiz below to find out which one of the 7 main chakras is most dominant in your life! And, one last thing – don’t forget to click the share button at the end of the article. Thank You and ENJOY!

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